Private Markets

DWC provides a curated selection of private equity opportunities. DWC offers direct access to private debt and equity transactions on a deal by deal basis.

DWC is also an active advisor in blockchain related digital assets including intital coin offerings (ICOs). DWC raises assets for ICOs including private, pre-sales and crowd sale transactions.

DWC operates the Etheredge ICO Pool on Telegram:

Follow this link to download Telegram

Our ICO pool sources solid ICO transactions and helps investors get preferential conditions whilst investing in ICOs.

Real Assets

A key focus of of DWC is on real asset investment solutions that meet the diverse specific requirements of institutional investors globally. DWC provides debt (Mezzanine, Senior Debt) and equity solutions for transactions in the real asset space including:

• Real estate

• Renewable infrastructure 

DWC sources and executes scalable transactions generating predictable long term cash flows specifically tailored for institutional investors.


Seven Bridges Genomics - advised in post series A mezzanine debt
Veritas Group Ltd - advised in convertible note pre equity listing

Blockex - ICO Pre-sale 
Acorn Collective - ICO Crowd sale
Micro Licensing Coin (MILC) - ICO Presale and Crowd sale

Integrity - ICO Presale
Javvy - ICO crowd sale
Faba Invest - ICO Presale
Natmin Pure Escrow - ICO crowd sale
Instant Access Medical - ICO Presale 
Agentmile - ICO Crowd Sale
WatchUgot - ICO Crowd sale
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